The origin of the mad scientist hairstyle lies in Albert Einstein’s windswept white mane. He was and remains an inspiration to millions. But that wasn’t all to the great man. He led a pretty interesting life. And a lot of the surprising facts were discovered after his death. Did you know Yoda, from Star Wars, was modelled after the appearance of Albert Einstein?

  1. Einstein's genius breakthroughs came from visual experiments performed in his head rather than the lab.



  1. After the death of the first president of Israel, the prime minister offered him a post as the new President of Israel, which he politely declined.



  1. Einstein was popular for having a bad memory. He couldn’t remember dates, names, and phone numbers.



  1. Einstein set odd rules for his wife. Einstein demanded a lot from his first wife, Mileva. He even gave her a set of rules to follow. Included on the list was that she had to serve him three meals day, to stop talking if he asked her to, and to expect no intimacy from him.



  1. Einstein married his cousin (first cousin maternally and second cousin paternally). Elsa Einstein, Albert’s second wife, who moved with him from Berlin to Princeton, and brought along her two daughters from a previous marriage to form the Einstein family.



  1. He was so well known in America, that Einstein was constantly inquired in the streets by people, hoping he would explain to them the two theories of relativity. He was able to come up with a way of avoiding them by replying to them every time he was stopped, 'Pardon me! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein!'


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  1. In honour of Einstein’s 72nd birthday, friends and colleagues met at the Princeton Club for a heavy celebration on both merriment and press photographers. Fortunate photographer Arthur Sasse tried to coax one final smile from the physicist as he departed for the night; worn down by the festivities, Einstein stuck out his tongue instead. The photo has since become a cultural icon, which Einstein himself liked so much that he ordered nine prints made and used it to adorn greeting cards.



  1. Einstein was an avid smoker and rarely seen without his pipe. Despite people’s contemporary health concerns about the ill effects of tobacco, he was convinced that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.



  1. Einstein didn’t attend his Nobel Prize ceremony as he was giving lectures to thousands of people in Japan. And all his Nobel Prize money went to his ex-wife as a divorce settlement. (He never received a Nobel Prize for the theory of relativity, it was actually for the photoelectric effect.)
  2. In 1939, it was physicist Leo Szilard who managed to convince Einstein to warn President Franklin Roosevelt that the Nazis might be developing their own atomic bomb and that the United States should be starting on one as well.



  1. Einstein died at the age of 76 in 1955. Before his body went to the funeral home, a doctor who worked at the hospital where Einstein died, stole his brain and kept it in a jar to study it. The brain was discovered after more than 20 years in 1978. The doctor photographed the brain and cut it into about 240 sections for microscopic analysis. Slivers of Einstein’ brain are now scattered around the world in museums and Medical centres.


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  1. Albert Einstein considered himself an agnostic, not an atheist. He died proving the theory of everything. And many researchers and scientists question if energy can neither be created nor destroyed, did he unknowingly prove life after death?