Game of Thrones Season 6 just premiered on Indian TV yesterday. Which means winter is finally here in this scorching summer. And there will be a lot of GoT till it ends. And especially when it ends. Then again when it starts. Meaning, it's an important time for GoT Fans. Well, here's another treat for the Indian fans. The first episode dubbed in Bhojpuri, with funny names and Sardigiri (Winterfell). The parody is funnier for non-Biharis. You'll love the Bhojpuri accent on your favorite dead characters. Especially on Jagannath (Jon) :"(

It's not a parody completely, though. Like after some minutes you won't be laughing like you were in the beginning, but it's definitely amusing and entertaining all along. It's like Harry Potter dubbed in Hindi. Remember this scene from The Chamber of Secrets? The Hindi version on Pogo. "Darr Gaye Potter? Dar aur tujhse?!"
B5EFFzuIMAAwFHSBut Game of Thrones is the new big thing. So here's the Indian Parody of Game of Thrones: Game of Morons.



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