Hunting for jobs can be difficult for anyone. Many search for jobs that would fit their education while some look for the ones that they actually want to do. Whatever be the case, finding the right job is easier said than done.

In this article, I list down 9 interesting (some are outright bizarre!) job profiles that actually exist in the world:

1. Car plate blockers

This is a profession which Delhites might need as well! Iran also has odd-even rules for its automobiles and the people there have a strange solution for this – hire men to walk behind their cars blocking the number plates!

2. Cow fart smeller

This job just makes me go Holy cow! The reason behind this weird job profile is to make sure that the cows are eating good and healthy food.

Cows Fart in Fire


3. Oshiya (Pushing people into trains)

During rush hours in the crowded cities of Japan, there are professionals dedicated to pushing people into the crammed coaches of the trains. They usually work between 7 and 9 in the morning and are called Oshiya.

4. Professional mourners

The fact that this profession has a dedicated Wikipedia page explaining the history behind it, definitely adds more veracity to this job profile. If you remember, there was even a movie on this topic called Rudaali starring Dimple Kapadia. There is even an online platform that allows you to hire professional mourners! Are you good at crying? Then this is the job for you!

5. Cuidacarros 

In the crowded bylanes and slums of Brazil, you can pay a dude to just sit and watch out for your car! All he has to do is make sure that no one damages or steals the car.

6. Chicken sexer

Distinguishing the gender of newly born chicks. If that doesn’t sound weird, you gotta listen to how they do it – the chicken sexer has to squeeze the chicks until they relieve themselves and then take a nice long look at their genitalia!

7. Professional snuggler

Anime porn, weird commercials, and crazy game shows. Japan is an advanced and weird country at the same time! The culture which has thousands of lonely teenagers who lock themselves in their homes (they're called Hikkimori), also has Professional snugglers! For about a dollar an hour there, you can get a total stranger to cuddle up to you!

8. Odour testers

Sniffing people’s armpits. Enough said!

9. Weird stunt testers

We’ve all seen horrific stunts on reality tv right? Eating cockroaches, sleeping in the middle of worms.This job requires you to test them all out to make sure that they’re ‘safe’ before being used in the shows!