Band-Aid, Xerox, Vaseline, Dalda, Sellotape, Surf..we use these words so much everyday, we almost forget that they're actually names of brands and not nouns. Even when we're looking for the products of other similar brands, our mind first comes up with these words first. In this blog, we list down brands that have become eponymous for the products they sell: 

1. Sellotape

When we go to a stationary shop looking for a cellophane tape, the first name pops up in our heads is Sellotape. But did you know that it is actually the name of a brand owned by Henkel Consumer Adhesives?!


Sellotape2. Sunmica

Sunmica is one of the oldest & popular brands in India that has a high brand recall amongst Indian consumers. When most Indians say 'Sunmica', they're actually looking for 'Laminates'. The Sunmica business was started by Wadia group which owns other brands like Bombay Dyeing, Go Air etc. Recently, the brand was acquired by Japanese company AICA that manufactures and distributes all kinds of laminates and building materials.



3. Xerox

In India photocopy means – Xerox. The term has become so popular, most people won't even understand when you say Photocopy instead of Xerox. It was the first company in the world to enter into the photocopy business & unsurprisingly, has almost created a monopoly.

Why Indians say Xerox not photocopy4. Dalda

Dalda is actually the name of a brand that sells Vanaspati ghee. No one says Vanaspati Ghee when they go to a shop now do they?


5. Tally

The software, owned by a Bangalore based software product company called Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd has become eponymous with accounting skills. An accountant or a business professional's resume is incomplete without Tally mentioned as a skill-set.


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6. Vaseline

Owned by the FMCG giant Unilever, Vaseline has become synonymous with petroleum jelly.


In India Petroleum jelly means vaseline

7. Surf

In the small towns and rural parts of India, people usually say Surf instead of 'detergent powder'. Owned by Uniliver, Surf is a household name in India.



8. Band-Aid

Remember the childhood days? Back when you used to fall down from your bicycles or scrape your knee while playing? The solution was always on the tip your tongue wasn't it? Cleverly named to sound just like bandage, Band-aid is a product owned by Johnson & Johnson 

Band-aid9. Bisleri

Packaged water bottles is almost always called Bisleri in India. Even when you're buying Aquafina 😉


10. Godrej

No Indian household is complete without a Godrej! The famous almirah brand has been a hit with the Indians from decades!​Godrej