Apparently yes, a silly Snapchat video is a more important concern of the Maharashtra government than the 28000 villages being hit by drought in Maharashtra. Should Tanmay Bhat go to jail for mimicking famous celebrities like a million other comedians, or the gangsters of a political party who attacked two girls because they were offended by their facebook comments?


Arnab Goswami has an amazing no-nonsense attitude on the content covered by media, and when #Tanmaybhat and #TanmayRoasted tags are trending more than crucial national issues across all social media platforms And Television, then he really needed to step in and bring a bunch of comedians to back Tanmay on this video “‘issue” to tell the super easily offended world to stop being over-sensitive about such unimportant issues.


Comedian Krushna mimicking Lata Mangeshkar.

Without being biased towards his fellow comedian, Kenny Sebastian had something similar to say:

3On the other hand, Stand- up Comedian Kanan Gill didn’t put any strong arguments backing Tanmay except one. Who gets to decide what’s offensive and what’s not?

It’s OK to be offended but it’s not okay to give death threats or lodge an FIR against a comedian whose little face swap video does not pose a national threat to India’s integral security for it to be banned or anyone’s security except maybe his own.


Conclusions from the debate:

  • Why is there such outrage against Tanmay’s video when it carried a disclaimer not to offend? But can a disclaimer take away from the accusation of disrespect?
  • Comedian Rakesh Bedi and his daughters didn’t find the video even a tad bit funny but there are a lot of people who did.
  • Rakesh Bedi has not seen any other comedy content from Tanmay Bhat, does not understand his humour(which a lot of people from our generation do), but still feels outraged and questions him for insulting Sachin and Lata.
  • Many panelists said that Tanmay’s main motive was to create offensive content to gain publicity. And I think, Rakesh Bedi’s and other super easily offended people’s motive that day was to “get offended”. Like- “look here’s this outrageous controversial video that’s trending on twitter I’m so offended” and other people were just blindly following the thread like, “ Yes of course we’re offended!!” “This is disgusting, disgraceful, shameful, disrespectful…!”  “How can he ask Lata Mangeshkar to die?!”
  • Well, he(as Sachin), can ask Lata to die like Jon Snow if she says Virat Kohli is better than him.


  • Its really sad that these people don’t understand the humour behind it. But the people who watch Game of Thrones or like that kind of comedy found it hilarious. And it’s okay that they don’t find it funny, it’s okay if they take offense, but why is there a need for days of media coverage and legal actions against him? Why is it so hard to timely move on to the important issues?
  • If people didn't get offended, it wouldn't be such a big controversy, and the video wouldn't have gotten so much attention. It’s the over-sensitive people(including Bollywood) that made Sachin and Lata aware of the video.
  • It seems to affect Vinod Kambli(very emotionally) and the whole world except Lata and Sachin.
  • And yes it was offensive but not so much that KRK needed to tweet about it. The same Kamaal R Khan, who is prescribed to offend people thrice a day.
  • The world still hasn't moved on from the AIB knockout- Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, which was entertaining AF.
  • A legal suit(again, after AIB roast), has only made the comedian more popular. More than a million views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of more views from the re-uploads on Facebook, a huge hike in his Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat followers. He is loving it! And why not?


Why did I find it funny?

  • He mimicked the celebrities real good and face swap made it more hilarious.
  • It was mean and offensive but funny as heck.
  • The way Sachin says “Phuck Virat” and “Kutreya
  • Lata’s Melisandre comeback.
  • Silly old Tanmay bakchod.

With that being said, every citizen has a right to freedom of speech and expression in our country which is why comedy is a tool for the powerless to use against the powerful, and if you censor it, and be over sensitive towards it for no major reasons, you'll always be a slave to the powerful. Which is why there was a need to back freedom of speech and expression here, as comedy, and not just a comedian. Now let’s move on to the issues that actually matter and affect the world.



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