I shower at night and it's awesome. Here's why-

When you start showering at night, you may find that it allows you to sleep longer in the morning, gives you that extra time to browse the top headlines, which means you have more potty-time if you take your newspaper/phone to the toilet, and you can take your sweet relaxing time in the shower at night because you’ve got no place to be. Everything from improved sleep and better skin to reduced allergies and a boost in intimacy can be achieved by making this small change.

Rather than this-


You have time for this-


1. Not showering in the morning is not disgusting. It's actually more hygienic.


Experts have found that showering at night benefits those with strong body odor or conditions like acne. Showering at night essentially washes the day off your skin, so you’re reducing the amount of built-up dirt and oil being pressed against your body in bed—dirt that would otherwise accumulate on your sheets if you showered in the morning.

If you never clean your sheets, you’re pretty much undoing your shower by wrapping yourself in nasty skin particles and all that stuff that you probably don’t want to think about. But if you keep your sheets ultra clean, don’t ruin it by putting your day-old, morning-showering body in there.

Obviously, if you work long hours under the sun, you’re going to want to wash all that sweat off before going to bed so it doesn’t sink into your skin and make some serious skin problems arise. But even if you work in an office job but have to spend a lot of time on the train, dirt that comes from environmental pollutants — like the ones you’d find on metro — can clog your pores.

2. Keeps allergies and skin problems away


As far as your face is concerned, washing at night allows you to have maximum time for creams to absorb and work their magic on your skin. Your face has more time to breathe after an evening shower, unlike in the morning, when makeup (which can clog pores) is usually applied post-shower. 

All of those allergens and irritants (e.g. pollen) are washed from your hair and skin when you shower at night. Going to bed with a clean body means you aren’t transporting allergens from your body to the pillow and sheets. In turn, you reduce your risk of triggering an allergic reaction.

And If your skin tends to get flaky and dry, relegate your showers to post-work. Washing in the morning with a cleanser is recommended only for oily patients, and not so much for patients who suffer from eczema or dry skin.

3. It lets you sleep in


Many people dread the thought of hitting their alarm clock in the early morning hours, finding their way to the shower with eyes half-closed. They’d give anything to sleep in for another 15 minutes or so. Cleaning up at night allows you to do this. After putting in a full day, you’re awake enough that taking a shower isn’t inconvenient, so give it a try. It’ll seem like a luxury to get another 15 minutes of sleep in the morning.

4. Helps you sleep better


One of the best pros of showering/bathing at night- you get to jump into bed in clean PJs and bask in that post-shower cozy sleepiness.

The 4 Bs(Bath, book, bottle, bed) work for babies, and adults too. Taking a bath/shower at night is a soothing act that helps undo the stress of the day and gets you ready for bedtime. It can even help you fall asleep, but experts note that it’s important to be aware of the time between your shower and when you go to bed. They say that the key is to shower an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed, even though it’s tempting to jump into a cozy bed immediately following a shower.

The reason for waiting this amount is time is based on research showing that the body naturally decreases in body temperature as the day goes on. Therefore, the body’s cooler evening temperatures signify sleepiness. So, showering and then immediately going to bed sends the wrong signals to your body by tricking it into thinking it’s not bedtime yet. On the other hand, waiting for the aforementioned amount of time between an evening shower and hitting the sack allows the body to cool off. This way, you’ve cleaned and relaxed after a long day, and done so in a manner that doesn’t impede your ability to easily drift off to sleep.

5. You can have a chill breakfast


You have no idea how much difference showering at night makes in your life if you don't yet. You don't have to hustle, and most importantly, you can have the most important meal of the day comfortably. Your stomach won't talk to you like a whale when you're in that lecture or meeting. It'll be happy, so you'll be happy. You won't be constantly thinking about food or waiting desperately for lunch. Thus, it helps you focus better on work and also keeps you healthy.

6. Gives you time to do some stretching and get ready


You definitely don’t want to go to bed with a sweaty face after your evening workout/ dance class. Wash off your body at night if you exercise in the evening.

Take a Yoga challenge from a good YouTube fitness channel, and get into the blissful world of restorative Yoga. Seriously, it'll change your life. You just need to stop showering in the morning and stretch for 15 mins right after you wake up late like a princess.

Also, you can spend enough time choosing a cute outfit and on your makeup.

7. It's good for intimacy


If you shower in the morning, that means you’ve had a full day of accumulating germs. You’ve shaken hands, borrowed tools, exchanged money, held folders, held poles on the train, touched keyboards, and maybe shared space with a coughing co-worker. Going to bed slathered in the day’s germs isn’t exactly conducive to an evening of intimacy. A clean body is a better bet if you want both you and your partner to be more interested in initiating romance and engaging in lovemaking.

Plus, time in the shower at the end of the day gives you a chance to reconnect with your physical self. Shaving, sudsing up and pampering your entire body with pleasant-smelling body washes can help you tune into your sensual side. And who knows, maybe there’s room for two in that shower to get the excitement started before even going to bed!

8. You can reach work on time


You'll reach work/school on time when you save time by washing and drying your hair a night. You have time to choose your outfit for the day, style your hair, and pluck your eyebrows. You get to show what punctuality is to the people who are always late. So you'll start the day- Confident, and on time. Start your day late and frustrated (because you had to hustle), and your whole day will be negative.

So, if you shower at night- you're not disgusting or lazy, you're awesome! And you're totally killin it at life by managing your time better in the morning… unless you're a person who's always late.



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